White Claw "Number 2"

Polar Bears BiBi Doll

His name is not actually White Claw. But, it does make him sound cool and fearsome. Which is exactly what you need to be the number two, and de facto enforcer of the best-known gang in the town, Gutsy Goons.


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Use the MAGIC10 code at the checkout

Use the MAGIC10 code at the checkout

Recommended age:


18 months and up

45 cm / 18"

Did you know that playing with dolls can provide important emotional development for children, regardless of gender? It helps children create a safe environment in which they can experiment with seeing the world from other perspectives and learning empathy and interaction strategies­­­

Small soundbox placed at the front of the doll body in a specially made pocket make 16 baby sounds. You can hear the laughter, cry, cough sound, words like mama, dada or gibberish sounds, similar to the sounds a regular baby would do.

Each doll wears a set of soft, high-quality clothes. Those outfits vary in colour and style. This trendy luxury set is easily removable as it comes with a stick-on strap, allowing a child little hands to change dolly clothes many times. Bibi Doll dummy included highlighting its cute characteristics. Dummy, fits dolly mouth.

Playing with those gorgeous dolls develops child social skills, responsibility, empathy and compassion also their imagination and language. By taking care of a baby doll, children learn how to be responsible or take care of one another. While communicating with each other during pretend-play with family or friends, they practice and strengthen their vocabulary.

This stylish doll measures approx. 18” inches. The body, created from white stuffed fabric, apart from the head, legs and feet made of soft-vinyl. This cloth-body doll is super-soft, ideal for kids to cuddle, carry or take for long walks. It weighs approx. 0.6 kg.

RECOMMENDED AGE – Perfect for kids aged 18 months & up