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Updated: Oct 29, 2021

It's this time of the year, the Holiday season. Halloween is just around the corner, and Christmas isn't far behind. With both of those Holidays on our minds. there is a lot of creativity around, and It is that creativity, that we are after!

What is this competition about?

Simple! We wish to see the best of our community, and spread the word about our dolls.

How can you win?

Create art! Is it a drawing, short story, or perhaps even a sewn doll outfit of your design!

We are not picky, we will accept almost anything. As long as it portrays or relates to our BiBI dolls, and does so in a positive, child-friendly manner.

Maybe give it a Holiday theme? A spooky story for Halloween, or a drawing of our dolls in all kinds of Christmasy scenarios. We leave it to you.

What can you win?

The winner of our competition will receive a £30 gift card for, along with a BiBi doll of their choice! Chosen by them, from amongst the ones available here.

Additionally, we might use your art as a reference for the future designs of doll outfits.

How can you enter, and win?

There are multiple ways! Pick one, and go crazy. Though, you can increase your chances by doing them all!

- Post your entry on our subreddit /r/BibiDolls, and make sure to put "Entry" In the title! - Follow us on Instagram, and make sure to tag us on your entry post!

- Tweet your entry with the following hashtags #BiBiDoll #BabyDoll #Dolls #Babys.

Don't forget to follow us @TheBibiDoll

- Follow us on our Facebook, and make sure to comment with your submission!

That is it! There is nothing more to it. We will choose from amongst the top 5 entries, and the winner will be announced on the 20th of December.

The contest is open to anyone residing within UK or USA.

Additional Terms & Conditions >

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