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BiBi Baby Dolls

Selection of fantastic dolls, with an outfit and personality for every ocassion!

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Brave, funny and always eager to help.

The glue that holds  BiBi's together.

She would tell you much more about herself, if she wasn't napping for the 3rd time today.

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They say that the really courageous, face their fears head on.

So does Navy, as he would never leave his friends behind.

Except he faces those fears with teary-eyes and far too much snot dripping from his nose.

Truly, an amazing battlecry.

Green Pea.webp
Bibi Baby Doll

"Slow and steady wins the race" is Green Pea's favorite phrase.


Which is why, he is always more than happy to hang back and spend hours watching his beloved plants grow.

Bunns Carrots.webp

True mystery, we only know her name, and the fact that she loves snacking on carrots.

Speaking of carrots, what are they really up to? Always hiding in the ground... plotting...

Meet Some of the BiBi's!

Fall In Love In Them...

Green Pea


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...and Explore Their World!

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Their Stories

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